My twins sometimes don't get to the toilet in time

My twin boys are 5 (almost 6), and although they only have the occasional bedwetting experience, one of them (and occasionally the other) is still wetting their pants during the day. He says he just doesn't get to the toilet in time. Is this common? I thought it might stop once he started school, but it is still continuing. It's a bit hard to have him wear drynites to school, so how should I deal with it? Thanks so much!

Boys bedwetting (4-10 y) · Asked by nikki over 7 years ago

Dr Cathrine Answered:

It is not unusual for children to occasionally have accidents during the day – this can continue to happen for a couple of years after they have been toilet trained. I would not be overly concerned particularly given the infrequent nature (being once a month or less). You do not mention in your question whether there is any pattern to when this happens? Young children are very easily distracted – I have seen my own children head towards the toilet only to be distracted by something far more interesting and then fail to make it in time. Additionally, it is not unusual for children to become so immersed in an activity that they are unable to draw themselves away from it in order to go to the toilet. They may be in the middle of an amazing imaginary play sequence where they are doing battle with a feared dragon – if they were to stop, the castle would be destroyed and the town’s people eaten – so you can see why for a young child going to the toilet is the least of his concerns! As parents we just need to be as supportive and patient as possible – if we know our children have a tendency to have accidents when friends come over then we should get them to go to the toilet before their friends arrive as well as giving them a gentle reminder to go half-way through the visit. You should also gently remind them that whatever they are doing will still be there when they return. f it happens only at school you could discuss with their teacher if he or she wouldn’t mind reminding them to go to the toilet as they go out for recess then again at lunch – this will soon become a habit that the boys will become familiar with and be able to monitor it themselves. It may also be worth checking that they are comfortable using the school toilets – some kindergarten-age children experience accidents at school because they are too scared to go to the toilet.

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