Boy just turned 4, and wets at night. Worried that he isn't learning to control his wetting.

My little boy has just turned 4 and he still wets the bed every night, whereas all his friends at mothers group don't and when he went for a sleepover at his friends house one night, his friends was laughing at him for wearing a pullup and I felt terrible when he told me that the next day. I was just wondering if I'm going about it the wrong way, as I have been putting him in pullups and waiting for him to wake up with a dry one before I start putting him to bed with just pants on. Should I be putting him to bed with just his pants on, then change his bed everyday if its wet, or should I continue with the pullups? As I am wondering if he thinks its normal to wet his pullups at night, because thats all he's known.

Boys bedwetting (4-10 y) · Asked by kylie over 7 years ago

Dr Cathrine Answered:

It is perfectly normal for your son to be still wetting the bed at age 4. The most common cause of bedwetting is a delay in maturation of the nervous system – just like some children talk and walk earlier than others, some children just take a little longer to achieve nighttime dryness. The decision whether or not to wear absorbent pants at night is really up to you and your son. While there has been some debate over whether or not their use delays children achieving nighttime dryness there really is no strong evidence either way. Many parents are motivated to use DryNites as they find having to cope with wet sheets every morning very daunting and they worry about their children sleeping in urine soaked sheets overnight. I chose to continue using absorbent pants at night with both my eldest children because I was working full-time and didn’t have time to cope with the additional laundry – it did not result in a delay with either child. Sleepovers are a big issue for many children who wet the bed – they fear being found out and being teased by their friends. Before his next sleepover you need to discuss with him and his friends mother how best to put on his DryNites without the other children knowing – if it is done discretely, no one will be the wiser. It is important that he does not feel ashamed or embarrassed about his bedwetting – reassure him that what is happening is normal and that he will soon be dry at night too just like his friends!

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