I am 14 years old boy and still wet the bed. I am using Drynites. However I will have school trip (sleepover). Should I bring Drynites to the trip? If so, di I have to talk to teacher?

Boys bedwetting (11-15 y) · Asked by S. S. almost 6 years ago

Dr Cathrine Answered:

Hi S. S. – It is perfectly normal to feel nervous about your school trip but there are certainly things we can do in order to help you go away on camp without the fear of your friends finding out or having the constant worry of whether or not you’ll wet the bed. Many teenagers have attended school camps and sleepovers while wearing DryNites and have managed to do so without being discovered by their friends. I’m not sure if you have already read this – but there is a great story on our website about a girl who was about the same age as you who used DryNites to help manage her bedwetting while on school-camp. The story includes some really useful tips on ways to disguise the fact that she was wearing absorbent pants including leaving lollie wrappers in her sleeping bag. Wearing underpants over the top is certainly one option; thinking about where you can dispose of them in the morning is also an important consideration. As well as DryNites, some children have used medications to help manage their bedwetting while away from home. This is something that you would need to discuss with your parents and your doctor. If this sounds like a good option it is important to give it a bit of a trial run before you go away as medications do not work for everyone. It is often helpful to talk with one of your teachers before you do go away just so that you have someone to turn to if you need to – they often have great tips and suggestions as to how things have worked in previous years. Good luck and have a great school-camp!

Dr Cathrine

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'Medication' never worked for me.If you want/have to go on a camp you can always hide Drynites in your sleeping bag.They are designed to hide the 'pee' smell.Take them off in bed/sleepingbag and you just make up some crappy excuse to get back to your bed/cabin alone and get rid of the evidence :)

Nick – over 3 years ago

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