17 and wetting

I have been wetting for quite some time now.

When I was little, I used to wear my sisters Huggies Pull Ups. This helped disguise the wetting before the nappies began ripping when I moved around in bed. My parents don't know that I wet.

I recently bought Drynites with my own Money and they were terrific. The pack says they are for 15 yr olds maximum. However I am 17 and use them. It just soaks right up. Minor leakage but it stops most of the flow. They are extremely comfortable to. They also have a nice smell to them when you first take them out of the packet. And to all you bullies out there. You're just jealous that you don't have the protection and comfort that we do. They also feel like real underpants.

Thankyou Drynites. Comment if you like wearing Drynites or have had to wear them. Don't worry....in the meantime there is Drynites. Thank you.

Teenagers bedwetting (11-15 y) · Submitted by Ben over 4 years ago


Hey there is now a nappy for teens that has blue on both sides of the nappy and white down the middle and they look like the underware you would normally wear and if they popped out from your knickers everyone would think its just your underware and no leaks because it is designed well and fits perfect.i wear them all the time and love them so check them out and order some and wear them a couple days and nights and you will see no leaks!! They are called A Star Diapers you will love wearing them

B – almost 4 years ago

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Are u a girl or a boy that wears these ? they look good. are they comfy and do they hold a number 2. poo's. thanks

b b. – over 3 years ago

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I still wet my pants in the day often and im a teenager.

Alexa – over 3 years ago

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So do i

Ben – over 3 years ago

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Im 15 and i wet my pants in the day often.

Ella – over 3 years ago

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