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Dr Catherine
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2-4 years

My 4.5yo boy (22kgs) has always wet the bed. We get him up to go to the toilet and he wears dry nights nappies but still regularly fills them to overflowing. I'm relaxed about letting him grow out of it in time, but in the meantime how do I stop the massive leaks? He wears the nappies for his age...should I put two on him? Or does weight affect the volume and would the older boys nappies be more suitable given his weight? Thanks

Dear Karen, Leakage can result from improper fit, which can occur if your sons absorbant pants are too small or large. Check that they are fitting him properly around the leg. Adequate daily fluid intake is important in the management of children’s bedwetting, between 1 to 1.5 litres of fluid per day is generally recommended. Encourage him to use the toilet at regular intervals throughout the day (approximately 4-5 times) and again just before bedtime. Include a diet high in fruit and vegetables and avoid drinks high in sugar or caffeine as these are known to stimulate the kidneys. Take him to the toilet just before bedtime; making sure he fully empties his bladder. Another option that you can explore is a unique Swedish design of bedwetting pyjama pants and shorts for children and adults. These pyjama pants are reusable and can contain up to a litre of liquid without soaking through or showing a wet patch on the outside - you would not wear these on their own (due to their lower absorbancy) but you could try wearing them over the top of his DryNites PJ pants. Washable absorbent pyjama pants aren’t currently stocked in Australia, but are available to order online from international stockists. Prices start at around $90 AUD a pair before shipping.All the best,Dr Cathrine