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Dr Catherine
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2-4 years

Hi Catherine Our daughter is 25.5 months and she wears Huggies 13-18kg nappies but lately she has been holding on and then doing a big wee which is leaking all through her pjs or clothes. It seems to be waking her through the night until we reduced the bottle amount to 180-200mls at 7.15pm and she is waking full at 5.57am two days in a row now and screaming until 7 when we get up. She used to sleep 7.30-8am and never woke with nappy troubles. I look forward to your thoughts Thanks jo

It is perfectly normal for your 2-year-old daughter to still be wetting the bed at night with many children continuing to do so right up to school age. While some children become dry at night a few weeks or months after achieving daytime control for others it can take a little longer. It is important that her nappy fits snuggly around her leg as improper fit (nappies that are too small or too large) can contribute to leakage. Children’s overnight urine output can be quite variable. You can try and reduce her urine output by making sure she fully empties her bladder just before she goes to sleep and by limiting drinks high in sugar as well as the amount of dairy and citrus she drinks in the evening (i.e., after 6 pm) as these are known to stimulate the kidneys. Calcium intake is very important for growth and development so only limit intake in the evening. If you were at all concerned about the amount of urine she is producing, I would certainly recommend you consult with your GP. Sometimes an increase in urine output can be the result of a urinary tract infection - this is often accompanied by a strong odour so it would be worth considering this.All the best,