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Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

My son who rarely wet the bed with a normal nappy has been wetting through drynites. He has just turned 5 and weighs 15.8kg. I get him the 4-7yr old. I have even tried putting 1 drynite on top of the other but he still wets through. I wake him up at 11pm to go to the toilet, restrict his liquids at night. He is scared of the dark so even with all lights on he just sleeps so heavy he doesn't wake up! Should I revert back to a normal nappy or could the dry nites maybe not fit him properly? He is quite slender.

The DryNites capacity for 4-7 years is between 1100 ml - 1170 ml, this is approximately 22% more than a Junior Nappy-pant or Junior Nappy. While DryNites offer a high level of absorbency you also need to ensure that they provide a proper fit around the upper thigh/crotch area as this too can contribute to leakage. If there does appear to be any gaping it may be worthwhile putting your son back into nappies, just for the short-term. If you were at all concerned about the amount of urine your son is producing overnight you should speak with your GP. All the best! Regards, Dr Cathrine