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Dr Catherine
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4-7 years

My son will be turning six the end of February. He has been day time Trained since he was 2 years old but still wears a pull Up at night and is wet every morning. Is it Time to try a bed wetting alarm?

Bedwetting treatment is typically recommended once children reach the age of 6 or 7 so yes you could certainly start looking into this as an option. The most successful outcomes come from using conditioning alarms; success depends on correct implementation of the training program and is dependent to a certain degree on how motivated children are to become dry. There are two main types of alarms. One is a body alarm with a small sensor that can be worn inside your child’s pyjamas – many parents prefer these as children can continue to wear their DryNItes throughout the training process. The second type of alarm is a bell and pad alarm that is placed like a mat over the bottom sheet. This is connected to an alarm box placed at the end of the bed. Some alarms have different settings that allow you to vary the sound – sometimes a louder alarm will raise a particularly deep sleeper. Before purchasing an alarm it is important that you speak with a continence specialist who will be able to advise you which one is best for your son. All the best!  Kind Regards, Dr Cathrine