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Dr Catherine
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8-15 years

Hey my name is George I am 26 years old and I still have to wear drynites to bed at night. I feel like telling everyone because I am sick of being scared and afraid of what people think of me. I know that might sound like a stupid idea because I just don’t car anymore of a few people know or everybody. Do u have any tips to not wear them?

Dear George, In a very small percentage of cases people do continue to wet the bed at night right through to their adult years. It can be incredibly frustrating when it seems like you’ve tried it all yet met with little success! The best forms of treatment are conditioning alarms – these do not always work at first and may take up to 6 months of constant use. It is not unusual for individuals to experience one or two relapses, when this occurs you need to reintroduce and repeat the process. Success improves with the level of support your receive so do not try and manage this on your own - connecting with a good continence specialist is strongly advised. All the best, Dr Cathrine